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We believe in the wonderful sport. Owners can indulge in this sport while spending time and enjoyment with their dog.

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Show Dogs Online is created for dog breeders who love to indulge in this sport while enjoying time with their pup.

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Puppies must learn how to behave in and out of the show ring, and that is why we provide help to anyone.

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We constantly update our webiste with tips and other helpful articles to give insights in how proper dog training should be.

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We’re here to make it easy for owners all over the globe to find dog shows to enter.

Show Dogs Online was established in 1991 and became dedicated to offering a unique standing point for show dogs and owning a pedigree. For over 25 years, we have used our knowledge and connections to build relationships with show dog owners and trainers to help bring you the best advice. Here at Show Dogs Online, we believe in the wonderful sport. Owners can indulge in this sport while spending time and enjoyment with their dog. We understand how both daunting and exciting entering dog shows for the first time can be.

Knowledge is Power

As with any sport there are easy ways to get started and hard ways. With our 25 years of knowledge and a wealth of experience from our members you can eliminate the learning curve. You can learn the best steps and products to accelerate your success. We have some top recommendations like Yippr, Purina and AKC for all of your show dog care and accessory needs. Be sure to visit our sponsors as they help to keep our costs minimal.

Show Dogs Online helps the novice owner begin on the right path to enjoying and embracing the sport of dog showing. We will help guide you through everything from buying quality breeds to training for the show ring. Entering dog shows doesn’t have to be complicated for dog owners. That is why we will help you find the right dog shows, fill out the entry form, and know where to enter. Show Dogs Online aims to provide the best guides for show dogs and events. We will help you with any confusion and provide the guides to help you figure out what you need to do. Training at home starting from day one will better instill the model behavior you aim to train your puppy. Puppies must learn how to behave in the show ring, which is why we aim to provide useful content for both owner and pet. Show Dogs Online is a useful website for every dog show enthusiast who is looking to learn more about what the sport is all about. We aim to provide the best of content with interesting features and practical tips on training.

Join us along with over 500 dog owners across the globe as well as take advantage of our dog show events.

Press Release

Top Dogs 2006

How The Points System Works The points system works as follows: your dog gains two points for a CC plus one for BOB where CCs are on offer. A group win at a championship show scores five points (as does BIS at a single group or Scottish Breeds championship show); group 2 three, group 3 […]

Help Keep Insects As Well As Ticks Off Your Puppy Easily

Always keeping all of our pets satisfied and healthy and balanced needs a great deal of interest. Appropriate diet plan, plenty of exercise, dental health, regular baths, and most notably- maintaining them free of bugs. Parasites as well as Ticks aren’t simply aggravating and also itchy; they are frequently host to several various other nasty […]