3 Steps on Training Your Dog For Their First Dog Show

Training your dog for their first show takes plenty of hard work and dedication. The first thing dogs must learn is to get comfortable to touch, which should be started at a young age. In this article, we will help you get started on preparing for your dog show.

Check out these five steps on training your dog for their first dog show.

Practice the Gait

Moving your dog in a specific movement and structure during the show is gaiting. Usually, the proper form of gaiting is with the dog confidently facing his head up. You can start by using treats to lure your dog and follow without a lead. Once the dog becomes comfortable in wearing the collar, you can begin lead training.

Learn the Hand Stack

If you plan on joining more dog shows, your dog must learn how to stack, which means to stand square and still. The hand stacking is when you manually place the legs into position when kneeling to a close.

First, you must adjust the front legs and keep your left hand on the dog. Move the back legs and fix the position. Finally, you must teach your dog how to maintain the stack position.

Then, Learn the Free Stack

Free stacking is when the dog will assume the proper position within the command. This is easily done with a clicker and some treats. Start by clicking and reward your dog whenever he stands. The more the dog remains standing, and reward again. Continue until the dog offers the position without the need of a reward.

Teach the dog to align the front legs with the step command. Step back and click with a reward. Continue until the dog is starting to recognize the pattern. Lastly, teach the stack command and click. Reward the dog when it is in the correct position. Repeat and you will soon use the stack command with ease.

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