4 Tips on Achieving Your First Successful Dog Show

After months and even years of training, you are finally getting ready for your very first dog show! You’ve groomed your dog, provided all the training and finally have all that you need. But is your dog ready to show?

Here are four tips on achieving your first successful dog show.

Dress Fancy

While we don’t mean the formal black tie attire, now is the time to pull out your clean jacket. If you will run your dog around the ring, purchase a decent jacket for dog shows. Be sure to remove any distractions in the pockets like keys or change. Many trainers in the show often wear the same outfits when they show the dog. This is because it helps them get recognized through the walk.

Arrive Earlier Than Direction

Once you have arrived at the show, be sure that you and your dog are presentable to the crowd. Find a spot to set up and prepare your space. If you don’t already have a ring clip, be sure to purchase one from the stand. This will allow you to wear a ring number with dishes.

Once you have settled down and prepared, go ahead and have some coffee. Take the time to mentally prepare yourself for the show as well as your dog. If there is still plenty of time to wait, go ahead and watch the judging. Meet new people and check out the class.

Check up on Grooming Your Dog

Check your dog through and through. You might be surprised how dirty they can get just from the ride to the show. If the cue is long, browse the event and stay up to date with the events.

Make Your Debut

When the time approaches, make sure to check your dog and if they need to potty. This is especially important for long-coated dog breeds. You can put on the special outfits and shows. Just be sure not to get him ready too early. This might cause a mess up and even impact their nerves.

Take your dog for a walk around the venue to help him get used to strange smells and other dogs. Just be sure not to get in the way of anyone else who is preparing for the dog show.

Got any tipped that we’ve missed? Comment below and share your tips with us!