Guide on How To Prepare Your Dog For Their First Dog Show

Dog shows are a popular activity that is enjoyable for both pets and owners. It gives you the opportunity to build a strong bond with your dog and build up their confidence. Dog shows also show off your dog’s abilities. But before you get started on training for your first dog show, you will need to know a few things yourself. In this guide, we will help you train effectively so it can steal the show.

Here’s our guide on how to train your dog for their first dog show.

Make Sure Your Pup is Eligible

It is always best to get started when the dog is still a pup. Before you start investing your time in training, you will need to make sure that the breed of your dog is allowed to join in dog shows.

The American Kennel Club allows only purebred dogs over the age of six months. Dogs must also not be spayed or neutered as this defeat the purpose of judging whether the dog is a good stock of breeding.

The dog must also be registered as a purebred with a breed club. To ensure that your dog will conform to all the guidelines, make sure to show the appropriate certification to prove that your dog is registered.

To join the united Kennel Club, your dog will be allowed to be spayed or neutered. The UKC offers an altered class for these types of dogs to compete in the show. If your dog is now a purebred, it can still compete in shows designed for mixed breed dogs.

Attend Some Shows

Once you have found the appropriate dog show for your dog, you can attend dog shows to get a better idea of what to expect, what goes into the event, and what you need to do to prepare your pup.

Attending a dog show is also a great way to find out more information about the entire process and meet others in the event.

Buy the right fitted Lead

Walking your dog out onto the ring will require a leash, which is also known as a lead. Once you get one, you can start training your dog to become comfortable using it. Ask your local pet store or go online for your purchase.

Small dogs are known to use a Resco-type collar lead. It is a loop with a slider to keep the collar snug. Medium-sized dogs often use a martingale lead. This type of lead closes up to keep the head from slipping out.

Other common leads are the show and chain lead. While this does not look as great as the martingale, many handlers find it easier to use on large breeds.

Enter the Local Ring Class

Entering your dog into these types of classes will help train your dog for the big events. While this is not required, it is highly recommended. Ringcraft classes will help your dog to become comfortable in a social setting as well as learn how to walk on a lead without distraction.

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